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For over 35 years we combine experience and innovation into developing software solution for industrial automation caring with dedication our customers, both in Italy and all over the world

About us

Elind was born in Torino on March 21st 1985 from determination and commitment to technological innovation.
Through study, development and implementation of advanced software. Elind positions itself as an ideal partner in the industrial automation world. Our targets are efficiencv. safetv and effectiveness in these areas:

  • Prototypes and industrial machines
  • Dosing plants and industrial processes 
  • Automated parking systems 
  • Cogeneration plants.

Software is the core of automation. The right partner is the first hartbeat towards plant's efficiency.

Industrial automation software

Dosing Plants

Given the target of precision and reliability for industrial process software Elind has projected customized solutions to manage dosing plants, covering a wide range of areas, from glass to plastic, from resins to vernishes from chemical products to food and beverage to body care. These solutions integrate control and monitoring systems based on precision sensors allowing and optimized management of resources and a huge improvement of quality and manufacturing efficiency The adoption of intuitive and customized user interfaces ensures an easy implementation and adaptibility in any industrial environment

Industry 4.0 and loT

Wether it's protoptyes or established industrial machina, Elind integrates advanced techonologies and principles of the new industrial revolution in order to make your production processes more smart, efficient and connected. Our software solutions allow real time data strage, predictive analytics and remote management of plants, creating a interconnected ecosystem which optimizes production process and improves operational responsiveness


Carrying on a long story of cogeneration plants all over the world, Elind offers customized solutions, not only to maximize the simultaneous production of electricity and heat, but also to promote a smarter usage of resources. bringing both, economical and environmental benefits

Automated Parking

With more than 20 years of experience, Elind has developed adavanced software to manage automated parking systems in the whole world: residential or public parkings in the Netherland or in Italy, as well as hospital parking in China, able to accomodate more than 800 cars. The target is to optimize both, available spaces and parking times, combining technological innovation and every day experience


PLC Automation.

Elind specializes itself in programming PLC of all the biggest brands, like Siemens, Schneider, GE and Rockwell. Ensuring a perfect systems integration, Elind provides deep knowledge in order to optimize each kind of industrial production.

SCADA Systems.

Specialized in the main SCADA platforms like Wonderware In Touch, Aveva Edge (indusoft), iFIX, Movicon and WinCC, Elind stands out with the skill of creating advanced and customized solutions for the industrial world. Implementation of control systems and large scale data storage ensurse an efficient supervision, a detailed control and an optimized management of the industrial plants. Beside offering a complete operations overview, Elind focuses itself on customized user interfaces, on the integration with other systems and on the creation of a SCADA environment suitable to any demand

Technical Support.

Elind's technical support is our commitment to grant the operational continuity after the initial implementation Customized technical support, through remote connections or on-site activity, are our support to ensure the proper operation of the implemented solutions

Excellence in our customers.

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